一、大赛背景/Competition background

The automotive industry is undergoing unprecedented change.As the No.1 wheel supplier in the world, Dicastal actively embraces the changes and encourages designers to give full play to their talents. Keep in mind the big landscape are as. Through “CITIC DICASTAL” wheel design competition,we will promote the development of industrial design together with the design-oriented youth in China and play the leading role of innovation through industrial design.

二、大赛主题/Competition theme

“智行天下”   智,代表创新,代表智慧。
The world on the wheel with Intelligence

三、设计任务书/Design brief


The “four modernizations” of automobiles have driven the transformation of the entire automobile industry. In the scenario of 2025, considering the intelligent, connectivity, electrification and sharing the transformation, please open your imagination to design a wheel mobility for CITIC DICASTAL with innovation.
Your design will featre innovative elements and design applications. You can base on a mature car brand, or reflecting the “four modernizations” requirements or based on new technologies such as 3D printing for your design proposal. Your proposal will clearly show the visual story, innovation point.


·2018年3月初 大赛正式启动;
·2018年6月29日 作品征集提交截止;提交内容:设计版面、3D数据、色彩设计定义表;
·2018年7月6日 公布入围选手名单;
·2018年7月中旬 将入围作品进行深化设计;由中信戴卡统一完成1:1模型制作;
·2018年8月10日 最终评选;公布最终获奖名单;举行颁奖仪式;参加设计沙龙;

·Early March 2018 Kick off the competition event;
·June 29, 2018 Deadline of submission; requirements of proposal: design layout, 3D data, CMF definition;
·July 6, 2018 Announce shortlisted players list;
·Mid-July 2018 Finallyise the proposal; CITIC DICASTAL will make 1: 1 model;
·August 10, 2018 Announce winners; held the award ceremony and participate the design salon;

五、作品要求/Work requirements

·3D数字模型文件:(文件名称:学校/单位简称-选手姓名-作品名称,举例:ABCD-EFG-HIJK): igs或stp格式3D数据;色彩设计定义文件;
·以上所有文件打包为RAR格式,文件单个附件尺寸请控制在15 MB以内,可发送多个附件;

Please read the following carefully and fill in the application form(file name: school/unit for short – name of player)and submit the following contents:
·The plan shows A3 size [420 x 297mm], CMYK mode, JPEG format and resolution not less than 300DPI, layout format horizontal layout(file name: school/unit for short – name of player – name of work, for example: ABCD- EFG-HIJK).The content must include: the name of work, the 45 degree renderings of the wheel face, the view of the effect diagram, the loading effect diagram, the design image drawing, the concept sketch, the explosion detail drawing (suggestion), the text description and so on.
Design work and 3D digital model file(file name: school/unit for short – name of player – name of work, for example: ABCD- EFG-HIJK) : igs or stp format 3D digital and color design definition file.
·Electronic version of an effective ID card (file name: name of player-ID card)and 1 recent photo (file name: name of player-photo) (JPG format, resolution ratio greater than 300dpi, photo according to life or art).
·All of the above files are packaged in RAR format. Please control the size of the file in a single attachment within 15 MB and you can send multiple attachments.
·Official email address: sylgcy@163.com.

六、参赛资格/Competition qualifications

·Design professional students and teams 设计专业学生和团队
·OEM design studios OEM设计工作室
·Independent design studios 独立设计工作室
·Individual designers 个人设计师
·Automotive suppliers 汽车供应商
参赛要求/ Requirements :

·The entry must be made by the contestants for the competition and is an original design that has not yet been published in any form.
·No copyrighted work is allowed in the works, otherwise the entries will be automatically lost. The winners will be deprived of their awards after publicity.
·In order to ensure the impartiality of the judging, any words or marks other than those in the competition can not appear on the front and back of the work.
·Each participant or team submit up to 3 copies of design work.

七、奖项设置/Awards setting

·金奖 1名 奖金:3万元 获奖证书1本,奖杯1座
·银奖 3名 奖金:1万元 获奖证书1本,奖杯1座
·铜奖 6名 奖金:0.5万元 获奖证书1本,奖杯1座
·优胜奖 30名 奖金:0.1万元 获奖证书1本

·Gold prize 1 person Bonus: 30,000 yuan 1 award-winning certificate, a trophy
·Silver prize 3 person Bonus: 10,000 yuan 1 award-winning certificate, a trophy
·Bronze prize 6 person Bonus: 5,000 yuan 1 award-winning certificate, a trophy
·Entry prize 30 person Bonus: 1,000 yuan 1 award-winning certificate
Winners will receive an invitation to visit the future plant at Dicastal as well as the Innovation Center.
Winners will receive priority hires.

八、作品评选标准/Evaluation criteria


·Relevance to theme : The design theme of the work needs to be consistent with the theme of the contest, reflecting the designer’s ability to understand and grasp the theme.
·Concept originality : Forward-looking design concepts lead the product development trend, creative thinking to reflect the design value of the work.
·Design value : A good work is equally important in aesthetics, skills, color matching and surface treatment.
·Development potentiality : Combined with technology, there is potential for further research.



·The ownership of the entry belongs to the host institution, and the winner of the entry should not be allowed to make any public announcement without the permission of the host institution.
·Participants bear the full responsibility for participation in this tournament.
·The Contestants agree that the Organizer is not responsible for any claim or claim of any kind.
·Prize for the pre-tax, winners according to state regulations, according to the law to pay personal income tax.
·If there is any dispute about the result of the award, the final result of the competition organizing committee shall prevail.
·The organizing committee has the final interpretation of this contest.

十、大赛组委会联系方式/The information of committee

·联系人:樊红 电话:18936978580
朱捷 电话:18360245852
·大赛官方网站:www.chinacaw.org.cn   www.shwcaw.com

·Address:Guilin Road No.6 ,the second floor of A Zone of Wheel Building, Siyang Economic Development Zone,Jiangsu
·Contact :Hong Fan Tel:18936978580
Jie Zhu Tel:18360245852
·Official website:www.chinacaw.org.cn  www.shwcaw.com
·Official email :sylgcy@163.com